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Energy Intensity Reduction

EnerCool Asia Pacific Limited focusing on energy saving technology for Air-conditioning systems (HVAC) of commercial and industrial application

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About EnerCool

EnerCool introduces Enercoat®: the proprietary water-based, high performance nano-coating substance.

Enercoat® is not only improve the thermal conductivity of the cooling system, in order to enhance the energy efficiency, greatly reduce the cooling cost. But also protecting the heat exchanger coil inside the Air-cooled Chiller, provide effective corrosion resistance, extend the equipment life.  After using this high-performance coating, the HVAC system can obtain:

Enercoat® nano-coating substance is safe and reliable which has met the international testing standards.

                           1.  Reduce Energy Consumption by 10%~30%

                           2.  Increase Equipment Useful Life by 5~10+ years

                           3.  Increase Cooling Capacity

                           4.  Reduces Carbon Footprint

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How does it work?

Our Service

Our Service




Enercoat® Coating Treatment

Post-Treatment -

​Measurement & Verification 

1. On-site Observation
2. Baseline Data Preparation

​3. Treatment Proposal

1. Fin Combing
2. Coil Deep Cleansing

​3. Enercoat® Coating Treatment

  1. Data Comparison between Baseline
    & Post-Treatment​

  2. Measurement & Verification Report – Analysis of Energy Saving​

  3. After-Sales Maintenance

EnerCool Website Proposal_18Aug22_01.png

EnerCool Nano-coating Treatment Proven Record


Regal 2019 ESG Report Highlight “Working with (EnerCool) to prevent corrosion by (applying Enercoat®) onto the fins and coils of three air-cooled condensing units at Regal Hongkong Hotel, resulting in longer lifespan and energy saving up to 30% due to better thermal heat transfer”

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ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

VER (Voluntary Emission Reduction)

About 60 countries (Including HK Stock Exchange) around the world require local listed companies to provide ESG reports.  The Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) released new guidelines for listing companies to voluntarily disclose ESG information in their financial reports. They are required to provide transparency on environmental breaches and to make efforts to reduce carbon emissions as well as other ESG initiatives.  


Adopting EnerCool technology will help companies to achieve their sustainable ESG goals. EnerCool’s technology complies with ESG: SDG9, SDG11 & SDG12.  Enhance Sustainable social value.

With the Carbon Neutrality policies in China and Hong Kong, some of these big companies such as Tencent have come up with the concept of net zero emissions. 


EnerCool’s energy saving solution is not only enhancing the efficiency of HVAC, but our refined and scientific Measurement & Verification analysis report has been endorsed by a third-party European voluntary emission reduction certification company, that the methodology we applied can obtain carbon offsets from energy-saving projects. The carbon offsets program can develop steadily in China and Hong Kong’s maturing voluntary emission reduction market. 


If you want to start using less energy or learn more about EnerCool, contact us


Tel: +852 96401557 /+86 13509241172

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reimagining cooling for climate impact 

EnerCool Asia Pacific Limited 

Subsidiary of Urban Gateway Energy Limited

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